Tyler J. Griffin

Griffin, Tyler 1606-27 15 Ancient Scripture June 14, 2016 Photography by Aaron Cornia

Tyler Jay Griffin is an Associate Professor in the BYU Religious Education Department of Ancient Scripture. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering at Utah State University. He married an Angel named Kiplin Crook, and they have ten children from 1-18 yrs old. Tyler taught seminary in Brigham City, Utah. He then began teaching at the Institute at Utah State University. One of his assignments there was working in the Seminary Preservice program (teaching and training potential seminary teachers). While there, he developed an online home study seminary program. His masters and doctorate degrees are both in Instructional Technology. He loves designing and developing digitally immersive tools for helping people understand the scriptures better. In 2010, Tyler and his family moved down to Springville, Utah so he could start teaching Religion at BYU. While he has been at BYU, Tyler has been involved in many different technology efforts and collaborations. Some of the things he has contributed to are, an internal map of the Book of Mormon, a 3D Jerusalem app, and many other projects.